special kind of Sightseeing


Nova Levante is in the heart of the Dolomites, which were added to the UNESCO list of sites worthy of preservation in 2009. The famous Bletterbach gorge provides special insight into the geology and, in turn, the history of this beautiful mountain range. Scientists, hikers interested in geology and families can experience 40 million years of our planet’s history in this 8km long gorge. The Bletterbach GEOPARC can also be accessed while hiking – more information is available in the visitor’s centre.

Stargazers and those interested in astronomy will be in their element on a visit to the Gummer Planetarium or the Max Valier Observatory, the latter of which is run by a voluntary association that also offers guided tours and observation sessions. The planetary trail, a 2-3 hour tour that showcases the wonders of our solar system, is perfect for families and begins directly at the observatory. The Planetarium in the Gummer astronomy village guides its guests on a virtual journey through the starry sky.

Lago di Carezza is one of South Tyrol’s most famous and most legendary mountain lakes. The unique colours shimmering on the surface of the lake and the impressive scenery draw a great deal of guests every year. The lake is in close proximity to the road and perfect for romantic walks and family adventures.